Algae/ Weed control


Pond Control Services offers a large selection of aquatic vegetation control.  This includes:

·      All algae—early, mid, and late season varieties plus rooted bottom growing chara.

·      Submersed pondweeds including  Eurasian water milfoil, all potomageton pondweed species and hydrilla.

·      Emergent shoreline vegetation such as bulrushes, cattails, and invasive species such as phragmites and purple loosestrife.

·      Shoreline noxious weeds which invade decorative stone and shore rip/rap barriers.

·      Watermeal and floating duckweed species.

·      Application of blue color dye to screen out sunlight to reduce plant growth and to color your pond or lake.

·      Chemical treatments can be performed on a per treatment basis or as part of a full season treatment contract. Season contracts normally start on May 1st and end on September 30th with regular 7 or 10 day check/ treatment schedules.  Pricing is based on the size of your water body and on the estimated number of treatments needed for the season.  Please  call to arrange for a consultation visit to determine your treatment needs. 

·      Algae, pondweed growth and the onset of other types of aquatic vegetation become more problematic as a pond or lake ages.  All man made waters eventually fill in with sediments which reduce their beauty and usefulness over time.  Various interventions such as  chemical treatment of vegetation, use of  dye color screens, remedial fish stocking, use of white amur and installation of water recirculators work best as long as ponds and lakes have sufficient depth and integrity to benefit from these aids.

·      Pond Control Services will provide you with an honest and professional assessment of the condition of your water resource.  We do not hesitate to caution you if we feel that your pond or lake has aged to the point that treatments or other management tools will be less than effective in producing desired results.


White Amur for biological control of pondweeds.


In newer waters or in waters with less than 20 percent pondweed cover at peak season, white amur can be a good control option.  White amur will browse down pondweed growth and amur will consume some algae.  The key to success with white amur is to stock sufficient fish to consume and control growth and to maintain amur numbers with regular restocking every two – three years.  Stocking rates of 5-10 white amur per surface area of water will control, but not eliminate growth.  If algae is your primary problem, white amur will not control algae enough to produce results; some use and treatment with algaecides will also be necessary. This must be done with caution( partial 1/3 pond or lake treatment at one time) as white amur can be killed with large scale algae treatments.  If your personal goal or requirement is to clear all vegetation from docks, beaches, or high use areas than you will probably choose chemical control over the use of white amur.